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Further, if you pursue publication, APA citations allow your readers to cross-reference your sources easily. lives outside of Pittsburgh, PA, and is a lead faculty member at CSU Global. On the weekends, Audra enjoys traveling, walking with her dog, and boating with friends and family.Any work of academic writing is based on the ideas that other people have shared through publication, and people working together in a field want to understand the origins of ideas. APA formatting also helps authors organize ideas along the same lines that researchers use, with a spin-off benefit: When you’re familiar with the different parts of APA, you’ll find it easier to read the resources you find in the library.

And then suppose that your basic finding is that there is a positive and significant relationship between extraversion and risk taking.

In short, you found evidence that extraverts tend to report being risky relative to the reports of introverts. So how would you write that up in a way that was able to convey your findings and their implications to the scientific community?

Protect yourself from suspicion or allegation of plagiarism by using the APA citation basics below: When your paper is in perfect APA format, and your instructor or reviewer can look at your References page and see authoritative sources cited correctly, you’ve proven that you can “speak” the language of academia.

Using the APA language gives your ideas the credibility necessary to be taken seriously. in English from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and specialized in professional communications with a concentration in rhetoric, teaching writing, and digital media studies at Northern Arizona University.

Maybe you measured people’s level of extraversion (outgoingness) in a sample of 100 adults.

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And perhaps you also asked each person in your study to complete a measure of risk taking.

If you had to summarize your entire research in 150 words or less, what would you say? What information could be left out and included in more detail later? Sure, you will be reviewing some past literature along the way.

Writing a strong and clear abstract is an intellectual skill that is, in my mind, almost without rival. But the main thing that you are doing here is telling the reader what the main question is for your research and how this question has been studied in the past. Ultimately, your introduction should be very linear.

If you look carefully at the overall structure of APA formatting, you will see that at its core, it is all about making it so that your presentation of your research is coherent and well-organized. Here, you’re writing a headline and telling the audience who you are and where you come from.

You might title this paper something like “Extraverts are Riskier than Introverts Are: A Correlational Study.” The title kind of bottom-lines the study. I like to think of the abstract as being the version of your paper written for very busy people. Some people call this section the “literature review,” but that’s not a great way to think about it.


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