Writing Graduate Entrance Essays

On the other hand, do ramble on for 10 single-spaced, 8pt font pages.

Respect your audience, and show them that you understand how important their time is by writing a 2-3 page personal statement with default margins in 12pt font that can be read cohesively in a minimal amount of time.

More important, she gained a new sense of confidence about expressing thoughts about herself and also enjoyed finding various, creative ways to write, including the framing work you talk about in your book. So I’ll ask something like, “How’s that going for you?

She was able to quickly write all of the other college essays, including the supplemental ones, and I noticed how well she expressed personal insights. ” Because I never know what’s happening in their world.

The Admissions Committee has your résumé in front of them; they don’t need to see it again in a longer format.

Topics For Creative Writing For Grade 6 - Writing Graduate Entrance Essays

Use the personal statement to anecdotally show them who the person who did all those things and had all those accomplishments is.

If you don’t know how to use a “big” or “fancy” word, or the way you have it in your essay sounds strange, take it out.

A big vocabulary is only impressive when it is used correctly (and the indiscriminate use of a thesaurus can often result in application disaster).

Also, it can sometimes feel awkward to simply sit beside a student while s/he is writing.

The application essay (sometimes called the statement of purpose, the biographical essay, the letter of intent, or the personal statement, depending on the school) is one of the most important parts of your grad school application.


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