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Healthy foods may consist of fruits, vegetables, breads, meats, and drinking water is crucial to your dental health by maintaining a moisturized mouth.A moisturized mouth protects our hard and soft oral tissues.Many people become dental hygienists because of the easy education requirements and high demand for their jobs. Top Careers in Two Years: Health Care, Medicine, and Science.

Healthy foods may consist of fruits, vegetables, breads, meats, and drinking water is crucial to your dental health by maintaining a moisturized mouth.

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Having certain traits such as excellent hand-eye coordination and great motor skills are very important to posses since dental hygienists work on their patients mouths (Porterfield 4). ..hygienists do not only have jobs that have a great salary and have more flexible hours than almost any other career out there, but they also have a job that helps people too.

Communication is vital since dental hygienists are constantly teaching patients how to hav... If one was to become a dental hygienist, at the end of the day they would be a lot more proud of this than anything else (“Dental Hygienists” Coin Career).

Procedures like patient screening, head and neck inspection, and dental charting.

Also, taking X-Rays, and removing plaque from all surfaces of the teeth.

Out of all the careers in the world, a dental hygienist probably has one of the most interesting and flexible jobs.

Not only is this career interesting and flexible, but it is also very helpful towards others and usually pays pretty well too.Dental health is one of the most important matters in our lives.Without proper dental tonicity, people can obtain dental problems, which can be as severe as death.Second, I will discuss the nature of the work, Alabama requires you to meet the requirements of the Alabama dental hygiene program.This includes completing the courses at the hygiene program.This latter element becomes very important when discussing this career field.The most basic elements that one must understand when considering becoming a dental hygienist are threefold; first, I must possess the education requirements that are necessary for admittance to this field.Dental hygienist also applies sealants and fluorides to the patient’s teeth and gums to help prevent diseases from forming.The information I conducted from my dental hygienist Linda.In order to maintain proper dental care go to your dentist every six months.It is also important to change your toothbrush regularly, floss, use fluoride, and eat healthy foods.


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