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He awakened the Muslims of the subcontinent with his stirring verses to demand a separate homeland. He advice the Muslims to understand their real position and shed away their mental confusion and narrow approach to life.

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In December, 1930 DR Iqbal was invited to president over the annual meeting of All India Muslim League at Allahabad.

The Allahabad address of Allama Iqbal carries great importance and significance in the freedom struggle of the Muslims of India.

He did not believe in any system separated from religion and declared that religion and politics are not separated from each other in Islam.

Allama Iqbal firmly believed in the separate identity of the Muslim as a nation.

I, therefore demand the formation of the consolidated Muslim state in the best interest of the Muslims of India and Islam.

The formation of a consolidated north west Indian Muslim state appears to be the final density of the Muslims, at least of North West India.

The presidential address at Allahabad in fact, molded the destinies of the Muslims of the subcontinent and put their Endeavour’s in right direction.

Narrative is best with the Speech on Allama Iqbal In English Allama Iqbal presidential address further clarified the two nation theory.

He said Islam guides the mankind in every aspect of worldly life and therefore must be enforced in an Islamic state as a code of life.

He based the foundation of homeland on the religion which later on became the ideology and basis of Pakistan.


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