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Coursework focuses on anti-Black racism and covers the intersectionality of anti-Black racism and issues concerning LBGTQ rights, genderism, Indigenous People/First Nations People & land rights, Latin-x representation, xenophobia, Islamophobia, undocumented immigrants, Japanese internment camps, indigent White communities (Appalachia), and anti-Semitism.All coursework aims to foster self-awareness and develop mindfulness practices; increase capacity to mitigate oppressive systems in social work agencies and organizations; provide skills for community building within and outside the classroom.

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Before I even graduated from phase 3, I had a job interview lined up with a financial organization.

Many more connections and opportunities keep floating in each day.

CWEE fosters personal and professional transformation for low-income single parent families through confidence building, customized skills training, and career advancement.

Collaboration, Excellence, Inclusiveness, Integrity, Innovation I reached out to CWEE to participate in their Career Development program because I needed help.

Social work skills for anti-oppressive practice are developed through the use of experiential exercises and feedback.

Field practice is integrated into classroom content and discussion.The second semester course requires students to select two “mini” courses on a range of topics, all of which have a pronounced focus on issues of power, privilege, oppression, identity, and social justice.Mini course topics have included Mass Incarceration and Re-entry, Immigrants and Families, Stigma and Mental Health, Global Health, and Gender and Sexuality, to name a few. If waived, a student will be able to take three additional elective credits in graduate-level coursework.I had reached the depths of my despair, not knowing who to turn to for help.All I wanted at the time was a quick fix to my employment problem: I was mentally exhausted from throwing out applications every day without generating a positive response.Columbia MSW students complete a combined total of 60 credits, of which 42 credits come from coursework and 18 credits (almost a third) from field education. Students have to complete two field practicums, one at the generalist level (600 hours) and the second at the advanced specialist level (600 hours).NOTE: Advanced Standing and Transfer Program students are required to complete 600 hours of field education (they enter the program as advanced-year students).I give a lot of credit to the Employment Services team: they are masters of their trade.Networking events at CWEE opened new avenues for me, and mock interviews with people from the finance industry (where I want to wind up) just filled my cup.This course provides students with an overview and assessment of current domestic social welfare policies and programs, and the factors that influence their development.Special attention is given to income maintenance, personal social services, and in-kind benefits.


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