What Should A Thesis Statement In A Poetry Analysis Do

Read through the poems you liked several times, and choose the one you understand best of all, or that evokes intense sentiments in you. a new nun shivers in the cloister © Marina Balmaceda Paredes We start with a kigo, or seasonal reference.When reading through poems, mind their titles: sometimes they can give you a clue into the understanding of a whole poem. A spring breeze could mean many things: how flourishing carries on, how a new beginning is prolonged, a...Once you have the instruments that prove your main point, you can build a strong thesis.

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For instance, if the theme of the poem is death, you can make it your main point that the poem is depicting the tragedy of death.

However, in order to complete your thesis statement, you will need to identify how the poet uses language and literary devices to establish this idea of tragedy in death, such as by the creation of tone and mood, or the employment of personification or metaphor, etc...

With your poetry analysis, you need to focus on two main aspects of the poem you choose: theme and the literary elements that proves that theme.

Your thesis statement needs to contain both of those aspects, and you’ll spend your body paragraphs discussing examples of the literary elements and how they relate back to the theme. Learning how to analyze a poem gets a lot simpler when you start by summarizing or paraphrasing the poem and figuring out what the heck the poet is even talking about. I am too absent-spirited to count; The loneliness includes me unawares.

Poetry analysis, also sometimes referred to as a poetry review, is a reflection on a poem that involves analyzing the poetic instruments, discussing the language and the figures used by the author, as well as sharing one’s personal position on the poem.

When it comes to poetry analysis, one has to go beyond just reviewing the words and phrases used, but instead see the bigger picture, try to read between the lines, and understand what has driven the poet to use the words he or she used.Thus, poetry analysis requires some primary research on the author of the poem, as well as some background and history behind the poem’s creation.A common mistake that many students make when choosing a poem to analyze is picking the one which is the shortest.Therefore, even if the poem is difficult to understand, its title can explain a lot. For the IOC, it is critical that you create a consistent and coherent argument based on a point you make about the poem - something that you identify is being commented on or criticized in the poem. For the IOC your thesis is important because the stronger your thesis is, the stronger your IOC analysis will be.If you wanted to go further in depth with your understanding, you could paraphrase the poem, which basically means rewriting every line in your own words rather than condensing the information.Once you understand what the poem is trying to say, you need to come up with a theme. In “Desert Places,” Frost talks a lot about loneliness, and since the narrator in the poem is alone, I can say that loneliness and isolation are main ideas or themes in the poem.I have it in me so much nearer home To scare myself with my own desert places.(Frost)The narrator walked past a snow-covered field in the late evening and felt insignificant next to the forests and the hibernating animals.However, the shortest poems can be the most difficult to analyze, as they often convey their meaning in sharp and tactful ways.Taking this into consideration, don’t rush when choosing a topic; if a teacher didn’t assign you a specific poem, conduct a thorough selection.


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