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This ‘one-stop shop’ offers innovative and cost-effective solutions to some of the major problems faced by developing countries and emerging economies.” The services in the catalogue are drawn from the UK Space Agency’s International Partnership Programme, the largest of its kind in the world, which is already working in more than 30 countries across Africa, Asia and South America.The £152 million programme uses UK expertise to benefit communities in developing and emerging economies, while building effective partnerships that can lead to growth and opportunities for the UK’s thriving space sector.It provides international governments, donors, Non-Governmental Organisations and companies, with information on cost-effective ways to help development goals.

Instructor(s): Lynda Vargha, Economics & Monica Das, Economics (F07 only) Does the solution to the Earth's environmental problems depend upon the profit motive inherent in the economic systems that cause these problems in the first place?

This seminar examines how the corporate need for economic profit and the insatiable consumer desire for new products lead to environmental ills such as the pollution of air and ground water, the devastation of ecosystems, and the degradation of natural resources.

“Today’s new directory showcases what the UK space industry has to offer, giving details of what is already being achieved as far afield as Asia, Africa and South America, and offering a single place to tap into this expertise and these services.

“The huge growth opportunity for the UK space sector is supported through our modern Industrial Strategy, promoting both here and abroad the best that British businesses can offer, helping deliver thousands of highly skilled jobs and boosting our economy.” There has been significant growth in the UK space sector in recent years which provides £14.8 billion in total income, 37% of which is generated by international trade.

Andrew Carrel, Chief Technology Officer at Rezatec, said: “Rezatec is delighted to be a part of the UKSA IPP programme, which is a great opportunity to demonstrate our geospatial data analytics services to a global audience through the COMPASS project.

“This deployment to improve crop yields and incomes for farmers in Mexico is a demonstration of our capability in agriculture.This not only broke apart communities, but also removed livelihoods and traditional ways of life.Then the ecosystems had been in a state of balance with the activity of the indigenous people, and in many cases the ecosystems were damaged by the absence of these activities. The only possible solution is to both take the time to properly research your every decision and action so as to both limit its negative impacts and maximise its positive impacts, while at the same time rapidly reviewing and changing as new problems are realised. You need to be able to be both slow & careful and fast & adaptable.This complements our data services for the commodities, forestry, infrastructure and water sectors, which are used by businesses and government agencies around the world.” Andy Wells, EASOS Business Head at Satellite Applications Catapult Limited, said: “This is a huge step forward as it will build understanding of the potential of space to meet global issues and challenges.As the central R&D organization in the Fujitsu Group, Fujitsu Laboratories considers environmental contribution to be a top priority and is pushing forward with R&D activities geared toward the creation of a sustainable society.Satellite services, such as Earth observation and communications, support a wealth of other sectors worth an estimated £300 billion of UK GDP. Graham Turnock, Chief Executive of the UK Space Agency, said: “The UK space sector generates billions of pounds for our economy and 42,000 jobs, and it also makes a real impact on the lives of people all over the world.“For the first time this directory provides a global platform to showcase UK expertise in using space to support sustainable development.These R&D activities cover a wide range of fields including advanced materials, next-generation elements, computers, networks, and ICT systems, leading toward the creation of next-generation solutions, services, and business models.Based on these efforts to develop revolutionary technologies, Fujitsu Laboratories advocates the “development of technologies that help solve social and environmental problems,” and is engaged in a variety of environmental initiatives.These include reducing CO2 emissions by saving energy and making operation more efficient, conserving resources, handling of natural disasters, conserving biodiversity, measures to counteract global warming, and more.* Key green technologies: Technologies for reducing power and energy consumption, improving work-hour efficiency, conserving resources, and solving social problems As part of our Environmental Action Plan Stage VIII, we aim to further improve our ability to get messages to the outside world about the key green technologies that we have developed.


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