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It’s an ancient practice motivated not by virtue but by profit. There are grease buyers and ship strippers and copper wire thieves.The single greatest recycled material in the United States, by weight, is ferrous scrap—primarily iron and steel from old cars. (The three biggest buyers are Turkey, Mexico, and Taiwan.) But when you think of recycling, you’re almost certainly thinking of the recycling you make at home.If you believe the Environmental Protection Agency, U. recycling rates have been steadily rising for decades, from 6 percent of total municipal garbage generated in 1960 to over 34 percent in 2015—90 million tons of materials set aside for reuse. The country might be the easiest scapegoat, but this is a story about automation, deindustrialization, empty shipping containers, and dirty boxes.

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And it is also a verb—one we use to describe what we do in our kitchens and on our streets, though that is only the first step of a Coke bottle’s long, uncertain path toward reincarnation.

Recycling is the globe’s bizarro commodity, created by the richest people on Earth and sold to the developing world.

As the price of “raw” plastic increased, recycled plastic—a natural substitute for manufacturers—became more expensive too.

What was goodfor the companies that did business with them.

With a main aim to accomplish high level of patron trust, we have been engrossed in providing a vast assortment of Waste Newspaper Scrap.

If you wanted to recycle a Coke bottle, the spring of 2011 was a great time to do it.

The Coca-Cola Company’s Spartanburg, South Carolina, plant, which had opened in 2009 to recycle old soda bottles into new ones, idled as recycled PET plastic prices went through the roof.

is also a concrete noun, a word for physical stuff with a supply chain full of rivalrous buyers and sellers whose interests are often at odds.

As when cotton hit its previous high price in 1995, the scramble was on for old bottles.

Which you, American reader, the world’s leading consumer of soda and bottled water, had in spades.


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