Waiting For Godot Critical Essay

After the appearance of Waiting for Godot, theatre was opened to possibilities that playwrights and audiences had never before imagined. (read more from the Study Guide) Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett Samuel Barclay Beckett was born in Foxrock, Dublin, in 1906.

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There is no mention of a timekeeping device, hence they cannot tell the time.

Nightfall almost instantly[10], which also shows that there is no method of telling the time, therefore time doesn't seem to mean much to Vladimir and Estragon.

The play's central characters They meet two other men, Pozzo and Lucky, who join them and then continue what Vladimir and Estragon were doing before - nothing. Vladimir and Estragon keep at their task, when Vladimir suggests that it wasn't the first time they met with Pozzo and Lucky (even though they acted like complete strangers)[7].

Estragon doesn't seem to recall a thing, but then again he doesn't remember much throughout the play (his memory is faulty).

Read more The structure is one of the most important aspects of a play and should revolve around the play's "proper tautness" or how structurally sound it is (Fletcher 18).

For a long period in the history of humans has time been used to sequence, or to measure the duration of events and intervals between them.

Throughout the play it is unknown as to whether Godot is a man or a celestial being. Read more The early twentieth century had been overshadowed by two World Wars.

It brought about uncertainties, despair, and new challenges to the mankind.

Becket expected the theater to be half empty for the majority of his shows, and certainly did not strive for the worldwide fame that his work received.

Although the first Paris performance in 1953 left audience members “baffled, bored, and irritated” (Graver 9), others were soon inspired to develop various interpretations of the mysterious play.


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