Violent Video Games Research Paper

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Violent video games resolve anxiety inappropriately through its externalization, thus many children having anxiety internalize it instead of sharing with other people, talking about it or expressing it emotionally through crying.Such children can kick even a wall, become mean to whatever they find around such as a dog or a pet or attack anything as a way of releasing the anxiety.

Violent video games involve war where there is mass shooting and killing of people and people slaughter.

These games involve a tit for tat behavior where a particular group or individual acts with anger towards the other one and the target victims are killed aimlessly.

It is apparent that many children imitate the violence they see as they play the violent video games.

Some children handle problems with violence as a result of being much exposed to violent video games.

It is clear that the violent video games may not be seen as violent by children, especially if the aim of watching is entertainment and gaining of computer literacy.

A child understands how to use the computer and other gadgets connected for enabling proper watching of the video game (Anderson, Douglas & Katherine, 43).

It is apparent that violent games end up rewarding violent behavior whereby the players get positive comments such as nice shot; they advance to different levels of violence.

Some people watch violent video games for fun, whereby because players believe that they are cathartic and players release their anger in a manner that is harmless.

Many people spend much time away from family and other hobbies and the students score low grades and read less.

There is less exercise for the video game player whereby majority of them become overweight.


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