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On the left is an example of a protected identity card.

On the left is an example of a protected identity card.

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Digital Watermarking describes methods and technologies that hide information, for example a number or text, in digital media, such as images, video or audio.

The embedding takes place by manipulating the content of the digital data, which means the information is not embedded in the frame around the data.

But it would also be hidden as an invisible watermark in the passport photo.

If anyone tries to tamper with the passport by replacing the photo, it would be possible to detect the change by scanning the passport and verifying the name hidden in the photo.

The goal of this application is to detect any alterations and modifications made to an image.

Video Watermarking Papers

The three pictures below illustrate this application.Such applications are especially of interest for official documents, such as contracts.For example, the digital watermark can be used to embed the name of the lawyer or other key monetary amounts.The example below illustrates how digital watermarking can hide information in a totally invisible way.The original image is on the left; the watermarked image is on the right and contains the name of the author.It is clear that this concept is also applicable to other media, such as digital video and audio.Currently, the unauthorized distribution of digital audio and video over the Internet is a big problem.That means that key information is written twice on the document.For instance, the name of a passport owner is normally printed in clear text.The hiding process has to be such that the modifications of the media are imperceptible.For images, this means that the modifications of the pixel values have to be invisible.


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