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Why then is “Coming of Age” simply relegated to the young?We are all experiencing this phenomenon, from the tender age of four till the ripe old age of ninety-four.

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Perfecto, for the first time in his difficult existence, felt validated.

One can only hope, Perfecto, toolbox in hand, decided to remain with this newfound family.

Pefecto plays a crucial role in getting Alejo to a hospital.

After this dramatic event, Estrella has a brief encounter with Perfecto and this synapse changes his life forever. Not hearing correctly, Pefecto asks Estrella to repeat the words, “ thanks” (155).

We hope his memories of what was and could have been became less frequent and not as painful; his present and future now held a special place in his heart.

In William Wallis’s novel , Ray Falke is quite a different creature.

He reluctantly becomes the head of a physically and emotionally abandoned family and it seems oddly some form of poetic justice for Perfecto Flores: Perfecto lived a travesty of laws.

He knew nothing of their source but it seemed his very existence contradicted the laws of others, so that everything he did like eat and sleep and work and love was prohibited.

(83)He had never truly felt worthy or appreciated and longed to go back to a life and lost love in his native Mexico.

“The desire to return home was now a tumor lodged under the muscle of Perfecto’s heart.” (82).


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