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She wants to see students who've focused on few things where they've risen to be a leader.It's "anything that shows a student's ability to think independently and to lead others," she said.This system is hard on students because the school is not sending a clear message regarding an offer of admission.

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Other than that, you can do little but wait, and that can be unnerving for students and their families.

It is important to focus on the schools that accepted you without reservation.

"We're looking at the whole person."Cal-Berkeley got 63,000 freshman applications last year; 15,000 applications for transfers. "We figure the student invested that ($70) $65, they deserve to have it read."Cal hires 30 to 60 outside readers annually to review applications.

Reviewers have about eight minutes to read each one.

School's still out, but high school seniors are thinking about where they'll apply to college and how they'll get in. For that, It's Only Money turns to Michele Larkrith, associate director of undergraduate admissions at the University of California, Berkeley.

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She spoke Monday in San Jose, Calif., to members of the National College Advocacy Group, a group of advisers, CPAs and others that help families plan to get into college.Their final freshman classes included more than 40% of students admitted off the waitlist.In 2011, more campuses admitted significant numbers of students off their waitlists. Students may receive waitlists offers from more than one campus. Waitlist offers will be made by the end of March for freshman applicants and the end of April for transfers. Once students are offered a spot on a waitlist, they must opt in or lose this opportunity.They build waiting lists to ensure that they have full freshman classes.Since not all accepted students will choose to enroll, these lists allow colleges to reach out to students they would like to accept but do not have the space to enroll.Over the past week, I received many questions regarding waitlists.The first point to bear in mind is that colleges build waitlists to help the college, not the student.Cal cost ,000 last year to attend for on-campus, in-state students, the school says. Only 17 percent of students hail from outside California, Larkrith said.First, the basic numbers still matter, Larkrith said. Increasingly, more schools are taking applications entirely online, which makes submitting them easier for applicants.Certainly the essay should be well written and free of sloppy errors.But students still need to ensure their sense of self comes through. But anyone who edits it and, in the process, scrubs out your voice will make the essay less effective, she said.


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