Twilight Book Essay

The weakness of the plot is fueled by the idiocy of the main characters (all characters, actually).The first and foremost question: why would a 104-year-old person fall in love with a teenager?

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Depressed, Bella switches to Jacob, who is a werewolf.

Jacob and his clan protect Bella from Victoria, a girlfriend of James from the first book.

The review did point out that the plot is weak and the final section rushed.

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Blasingame also praises the novel as fantastic, a judgment fellow Mormon writer of the fantastic Orson Scott Card would largely echo.

Card makes the fine point that Edward Cullen has all the qualities of makes strong points about how these other factors (the tension, the supernatural qualities, the threat Edward carries) add new energy to the teen romance novel, giving first kisses particular meaning.The plot revolves around Bella Swan, an American schoolgirl, and a 104-year-old vampire named Edward Cullen.Later, another main character comes in: Jacob Black, a werewolf.Theoretically, people get wiser when they get older, although reality proves it is not necessarily so.I would understand if Edward treated Bella as an adopted daughter, at least. There is a special word for adult men having romantic and sexual relationships with teen girls. The only reason why it became possible is probably because aging has negatively affected Edward’s (and his family’s) mental capabilities.Stephenie Meyer has several strikes against her as far as receiving serious critical attention from established academic critics.She is writing young adult fiction that blends horror fiction with romance; all of these genres are traditionally critically neglected.Also, according to folklore, vampires are sadistic, vile, and sexually-insatiable creatures, so in a proper vampire story, exploitation and being devoured would be Bella’s only options. Also, why would Bella not feel scared of knowing people who suck blood, or who can turn into savage beasts? And it is not only Bella and Edward acting weird—Jacob, Victoria, the vampire clans, and other folks appearing in is written in, it is hard to say anything.My main impression from it was that the author first wrote a regular romantic lady’s story, and then suddenly decided to turn the main characters into vampires and werewolves.Edward and his family, who belong to a “good” clan, kills James.In the second book, Edward and his family leave Bella’s town because Edward believes he endangers his beloved.


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