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Tsunami Research Papers-51
Gaylord Miller, an expert on long period waves, worked on a tsunami propagation modeling program, the run-up of bores, and the relative spectra of tsunamis and tides.Tom Sokolowski worked on a quadripartite seismic array to supply additional data for the Tsunami Warning System.The University’s newly established Computing Center occupied a wing of the 3rd floor.

Additional Pacific- wide tsunamis that struck the Hawaiian Islands in 1952, 19, were investigated by the U. Doak Cox, then employed at the Sugar Planters Research Facility transferred to the University.

He was joined by Martin Vitousek, Rockne Johnson, Gordon Groney and others who had participated in the International Geophysical Year.

In 1965, an agreement was reached between the University of Hawaii and the U. Coast and Geodetic Survey (USCGS) to form the Joint Tsunami Research Effort (JTRE).

Additional funding was provided by the State and the USCGS to continue the on-going tsunami research at HIG and to support the cooperative effort by bringing in new people.

Graduate students in Oceanography, Geology and Geophysics begun to participate in these surveys and study tsunamis as well.

The 1964 Aleutian Earthquake and Tsunami intensified a program of tsunami research at HIG.

The tsunami research team at that time included professors, researchers and graduate students who were already working at HIG or other University of Hawaii departments.

Some of them had dual appointments and could only work on a part time basis.

He brought with him geophysicists, graduate students and the contracts he had with the Office of Naval Research (ONR) to continue his investigations of the MOHOLE project.

[HIG later evolved into HIGP, a branch of SOEST.] "MOHOLE", and in competition with the then Soviet Union, was the race to drill through the earth's crust to the mantle and determine its consistency and possibly determine the earth's and our solar system's evolution.


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