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A book length version of the excellent Harper's article -- a road trip across America with Einstein's (actual) brain. In which the hacker tourist ventures forth across the wide and wondrous meatspace of three continents.An account of the laying of the longest wire on Earth.

Nothing moves me more profoundly than discovering the extent of my own ignorance... R., whose best-kept secret remains a bay that glows in the dark.

For fifty years, with cannons, Hellfire missiles, and napalm, the U. Journeys don’t get much longer than this: stuck in space and waiting for a ride home The drunken wedding speeches of Georgia How I came to be banned from the world's most remote island, Tristan da Cunha why you should go now -- before Cuba changes, while it changes, and because you will change it yourself A writer discovers the uncomfortable socio-macroeconomics of the cheap beach vacation The world's best cigars straight from the source.

So why not embrace the masses along with the monuments?

You can't buy it in any store, can't send away for it online, and you probably won't be able to read it if you do find it: the everywhere-and-nowhere travel bible of Israel's combat-fatigued, footloose vagabond youth A destination's most popular sites got that way for good reason.

But before all that comes the decision as to which one(s) suits you best.

Of course, deciding on what’s a good fit depends on your interests and expertise."The way another woman might, on a first date, suddenly picture herself having a baby with the guy across the table, what I pictured was this: me and him, eating a duck's liver together in a ditch." Expressing affection for the Swiss or their country is akin to confessing nostalgia for cigarette smoking or The Brady Bunch.he fun thing about questions like this is that you can substitute any word or term for ‘travel writing’ with no diminution of the urgency of the enquiry. Any successful travel book should involve some kind of departure from previously visited ideas of the travel book. Two forms of travel writing do seem sufficiently well-worn that they’ve become the literary equivalent of package tours in which destination and experience are so thoroughly predetermined that one is reluctant to make a booking. Naturally, the journey itself is braided with a history and cultural significance of the pogo stick.Or one could just delete the ‘travel’ part altogether and say it’s a great piece of writing.The quest for the new El Dorado It had been said that no outsider would ever see the legendary salt mines of Mali and live to describe them... The Paris Dakar Rally, is a bone-crushing off-road race through the deepest Sahara How Christopher Mc Candless Lost His Way in the Wild The amazing true survival story that inspired the film 127 Hours In which three American journalists try to get a little R&R in Bosnia and accidentally almost capture the world's most-wanted war criminal Inside the Rise of India Syndrome Winding a thousand miles from India to China, the Burma Road was built to defend China in World War II, but the atomic bomb made it irrelevant and the jungle reclaimed it...The country that gave us Genghis Khan, the Attilla the Hun Show, and possibly the first Americans is rolling out the welcome mat. Why Some visitors to the holy city believe they are the messiah For more than a decade, Merhan Nasseri lived in terminal one at Charles de Gaulle airport, waiting. Doing what we love, despite the risks I understood on some dim, detached level that it was a spectacular sight, but now that I was finally here, standing on the summit of Mount Everest, I just couldn't summon the energy to care An expedition to the Cirque of the Unclimbables -- some of the toughest, most spectacular climbing in the world The afternoon I stumbled across the human leg bone at the bottom of K2, it was one of those flawless days you almost never see in the Karakoram How a remote peak in Myanmar nearly broke an elite team of climbers When the ocean liner Andrea Doria sank south of Cape Cod, she took fifty-one with her.That deletion cannot always be safely made since certain titles enjoy a reputation as ‘travel’ classics while falling way below more general standards of literary achievement.Patrick Leigh Fermor’s be an interesting journey: an investigation into the way certain books serve as fake passports, permitting the author to travel to literary immortality without the let or hindrance of critical questioning.) The ‘travel’ books I most admire are either much more than travel books or could be classified as something else entirely. We read – often while sitting on a form of mass transit – in order to be privately transported. You can be transported while reading about London on the Tube.On the trail of an ancient strain of cacao native to the Bolivian Amazon—i.e., wild cacao, unmolested by millennia of botanical tinkering. Unlike many cities, Saigon seemed to welcome us into its secrets, not keep them from us...For seven decades explorers have been swallowed by the Mato Grosso region, the "green hell", trying to uncover a lost civilization hidden in the Amazon, the City of Z. Two young Danes find out if they're tough enough for the world's only military dogsled team.


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