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This is because all essays begin with an introduction and end with a conclusion and the other three paragraphs therefore form the main body, each one addressing a different aspect of the argument.It is fairly obvious that the main body can easily be extended depending on how many points you are going to cover so the structure of the five paragraph essay works well.

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The essay structure should be based on something like this: This should be briefly addressing the main question remembering those key words and including a thesis statement.

You should also include something about the method you are going to use.

As discussed earlier this can be anything upwards of three paragraphs depending on how many words you have been asked to write and how many points you want to make.

Ensure that each of the paragraphs is linked and that they each connect with the central argument.

If an essay does not have a clear structure, it will definitely fail to deliver. It gives the reader a glimpse of what the essay is all about.

If the title is too long or not catchy, the reader will not even bother to read your essay however good it may be.Reference according to the style your university has requested.This should summarise the main points made in the essay, synthesise your thinking and show evidence that you have proved the thesis that you set out in your opening paragraph.For example, you might want to say that you agree or disagree with the question and then develop the basic method you will use for doing this.Remember, though, that the thesis statement must be in your first paragraph, preferably within the first two or three sentences.In some ways that’s like asking ‘how long is a piece of string’?However, for most purposes the essay structure of the five paragraph essay works well.Remember, too, that you need to support your points with evidence, either from a primary source or a scholarly text.A point made without evidentiary support is incomplete. But when you know the list of the most widespread mistakes, it will be much more easier for you to avoid them in your following papers. The application of the skill varies on the message and the intended audience.


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