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Various schemes have been proposed to handle jamming attack in the literature.One way to handle jamming attack is to design robust physical layer technologies, such as spread spectrum, which are resistant to RF jamming [7, 7, 77].uses cookies to personalize content, tailor ads and improve the user experience.

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Some examples of routing attacks are: black hole, 9gray hole, wormhole, rushing attack, and frame-up [{7].

For example, the at- tackers can create a wormhole through collusion in the network to short circuit the normal °ow of routing packets [5], or can apply rushing attack to disseminate route request quickly through the network [6].

By creating a wormhole or apply- ing rushing attacks, the attackers can prevent good routes from being discovered, and increase their chance of being on discovered routes.

Once an attacker is on a certain route, it can create a black hole by dropping all the packets passing through it, or create a gray hole by selectively dropping some packets passing through it.

If the protocols have the mechanism to track malicious behavior, an attacker can also try to frame up good nodes.

In addition, an attacker can modify the packets passing through it, which has similar e®ects as dropping packets, but a little bit more severe because more network resources will be wasted when the following nodes on this route continue forwarding this corrupted packet.

The di®erence with PGP is that in their system, certi¯cates are stored and distributed by the users. have also discussed how to build security associations with the help of mobility in mobile ad hoc networks [].

Since in ad hoc network nodes relies on each other to forward packets, routing has become one of the most active research topics during the last decade, and various routing protocols have been proposed, such as DSR [7, 8], AODV [70], OLSR [5], and TBRPF [6].

In wireless ad hoc networks, since all nodes share the common communication medium, attackers can easily launch a variety of attacks ranging from passive eavesdropping from active interfering.

For example, a simple and straight-forward attack is jamming attack, where attackers can disrupt the other nodes’ normal communications by introducing interferences.


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