Thesis Statement On Animal Farm

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Of all of the characters in Animal Farm, are there any who seem to represent the point of view of the author?

There are several themes in Animal Farm, some including: Leadership and corruption, control of naïve working class, lies and deception, and dreams and hopes.

The struggle for superiority between Leon Trotsky, a Russian revolutionary, and Stalin, a Soviet statesman, is portrayed by the rivalry between the pigs, Napoleon and Snowball.

In both cases, the less powerful one, Trotsky and Snowball, is eliminated by the more superior one, Stalin and Napoleon.

A conclusion, therefore, is not merely a summary of what you just wrote in your essay.

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A conclusion is a summary of what you just wrote in your essay AND a broader statement or inference based on the evidence and logic you've just provided.

General Introduction form (.pdf) General Conclusion form (.pdf) Example introduction/conclusion pair (.pdf) The smell of blood was heavy in the air.

In front of Napoleon, a pile of corpses sent a clear statement to the rest of the survivors, who looked on in shock.

Propaganda is used by people to falsify or distort the truth.

The novel, Animal Farm, by George Orwell contains many examples of things that happened to Napoleon and the other pigs because of using propaganda.


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