Thesis Statement Of Fast Food

Thesis Statement Of Fast Food-62
Fast food contains excess of oil or saturated fat and is also high in sugar content.

More plaque in arteries exerts pressure on the heart to pump blood resulting in fatigue.

Because of the various health disorders known from the consumption of large quantities of fast food, it is advised to substitute it with some healthier options like fruits and vegetables.

Teenagers consume fast food more fanatically including snacks like chips, fries, pizzas, samosas, burgers, ice-cream, shakes and a lot more variety of fast foods.

Since fast foods lack fiber, they are likely to cause constipation and related problems if consumed on regular basis.

Other side effects are not immediate but definitely harmful to the health and body of the person consuming fast food regularly.

Obesity is one prime disadvantage of consuming fast food.Furthermore, research also reveals that, junk food from main stores has high volume of trans fat.Trans fat is known for having significant impact on one’s body and contributes to abdominal obesity, weight gain, heart diseases, and diabetes (Bowman & Vinyard, 2004).5. Firstly, the addictiveness and convenience nature of fast food leads to laziness of people in general.2.In that respect, fast food is fast robbing this quality period (Burstein & Goodbody, 2008). Fast food is expensive, and the family is denied a chance to spend time together, and discuss matters affecting them.CHAPTER 1 Problem and It’s Background Customer satisfaction, a business term, is a measure of how products and services supplied by a company meet or surpass customer expectation.In fact, spending some time with one’s family in junk food joints is not a big deal.Nonetheless, going there frequently can turn out quite expensive, save for the risks (Bowman & Vinyard, 2004).3.Drowsiness sets in and the ability to concentrate reduces after the consumption of fast food.This is because it has excess of oil and calories and is not easy to digest.Furthermore, fast foods are to blame for making people in a family spend time together (Bowman & Vinyard, 2004).4. Fast foods are the cause of growing cases of obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart problems among others.2.Whenever a family is taking meals together, they get an opportunity to share experiences, and come together. Fast foods are bad to our health, and they should be discouraged as much as possible. They also cause laziness among people due to weight gain.3.


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