Thesis Requirements At Umaine

Thesis Requirements At Umaine-71
Missing Grades must be resolved by the end of the subsequent fall or spring semester.

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No less than 50% of the total number of graduate degree credits can be earned after the completion of the undergraduate degree.

Grading System Grades at the University are given in terms of letters, with the option of a plus or minus designation (with the exception of A ), representing levels of achievement.

If the incomplete is not resolved by the instructor, the I grade will be converted to an F.

Permanent Incomplete: When a temporary incomplete (I) grade is not resolved to a normal letter grade, a permanent incomplete may be assigned in extraordinary circumstances as determined by the instructor and the dean.

The basis for determining a grade is the relative extent to which the student has achieved the objectives of the course.

Thesis Requirements At Umaine

The student’s work in each course is graded as follows: A—superior; B—basic competency; C—below competency; D—unsatisfactory; F—failure.

Any student who suspects an error has been made should take the matter up immediately with the Registrar.

Records are assumed to be correct if a student does not report to the Registrar within one year of the completion of a course.

Courses numbered 500 through 599 are intended for graduate students and are also available to undergraduate students who have received permission from the instructor and their advisor.

Courses numbered 600 through 699 are restricted to graduate students and undergraduate students who have been formally accepted into an accelerated graduate pathway.


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