Thesis On Tragic Heroes

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He was a powerful warrior described as mighty, ferocious, but full of grief.He was alleged to be the son of Peleus (a king) and Thetis (goddess of water).

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Antigone's modus operandi seems to be a reverence for all things dead, like Polynices, rather than herself or the people alive that she cares about.

Tragic heroes should be noble and have a higher stature compared to most men in addition to a tragic flaw.

This however does not make render him completely happy in life.

As a King, Oedipus is already considered to be somewhat of a hero in his own right.

Since he chooses not to listen and condemns the prophet he is setting his downfall into motion.

However, the beginning of his demise came in the form of Tiresias, the blind prophet, who tells Oedipus that he will murder his own father and marry his mother.

They begin well and seem as good characters, but misfortune strikes them as a consequence of flaws in their characters and they end up dead in most stories or dramas. We develop feelings and emotions of anger, sympathy, fear and love as we develop sympathy watching or reading about their pains, bad luck and disaster.

This is significant in literature because it makes the audience to empty the pent up feelings, giving them a good feeling.

The ancient Greeks are well known for their poetry and art.

Most terminologies and concepts can be traced back to this period and in that part of the world. Aristotle defined a hero in tragedy as the protagonist who experiences a twist of fate from good luck to misery, and even death in most cases because of their mistakes.


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