Thesis On Quality Control Of Milk

Thesis On Quality Control Of Milk-60
The large capacity nozzles used in tall-form driers exhibit a marked decrease in pressure drop at constant flowrate as the viscosity of the concentrate fed to them is increased.

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The characteristics of the spray drying process were investigated using the pilot plant evaporator and spray drier at the New Zealand Dairy Research Institute, which had been fully instrumented and interfaced to a process control computer.

The drier studies confirmed the importance of low concentrate viscosity in the production of good quality milk powder.

The Simplex evolutionary operation method was found to be a simple robust procedure which rapidly improved the product quality and maintained it in the face of disturbances typical of those likely to occur in commercial operation.

The method provides two sets of plant conditions in advance, a feature which permits a substantial increase in the speed of attainment of optimum conditions for processes with setpoint response times similar to the time required to analyse the product quality.

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Despite this, increased availability of some dairy stakeholders and their efforts would also be an added advantage.

The efforts of private veterinarians to engage in provision of drugs and on-call home-treatment for stall-fed cows were good, but this needs to be complemented with laboratory based-diagnostic/clinical and advisory services prevent diseases.

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