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The next day John's dead body is found surprisingly close to his house.The denouement is attained when Ann sits alone with John's body and she discovers that there is a smear of white paint on his hand. That was a horrible day; a giant shudder convulsed my body as the wind made contact, chilling me to the bone.

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The isolation is even intensified in this story due to the horrible snow storm.

Ann’s husband John braves the weather to visit his father, leaving her all alone, but on his way he stops by to tell Steven to go play cards with his wife.

A multitude of emotions go through Ann's mind, but she eventually gives in to Steve's appeal.

The climax of the story is reached when Ann sees the shadow of her husband looking down on the bed at her and Steven.

Throughout the day Ann fights off loneliness and despair and tries to distract herself from dwelling on negative aspects of her life.

After Ann has a terrifying experience with the snowstorm Steve arrives.

At this point in the story I thought that John would try to hurt someone. Ann convinces herself that seeing her husband was just a dream.

She regrets what she had done and she realizes that she loves her husband the way he is.

He was able to get himself from the chair and I walked him to the bathroom without rushing him, when he was in the bathroom I made sure that he was seated appropriately on the toilet seat and I told him that I was going to shut the door and give him some private time. After using the toilet the service user rang the calling button, I knocked on the toilet door and waited for his permission to enter which he did. When I setting the equipment such paintbrushes, papers, paint, scissors and etc, some of the service users wanted to use lower tables since they were sitting in their wheelchai...

The feelings of alienation and loneliness are bitter and harsh. People have been known to go to great lengths to abolish these feelings.


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