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In other words, you’re looking down on another character.This type of shot is often used to illustrate superiority or power of one character over another.

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Now think about how the story would change if told from different viewpoints.

If told from the point of view of the astronauts, the movie becomes a horror movie, with humans no longer in control, being forced to live as slaves.

(The person looking down has the power.)Low camera angles, on the other hand, allow the viewer to see the characters from a vantage point lower than eye level.

The character looking up at another character is the less dominant character.

A comedy, for instance, would be more likely to be brightly lit, while a horror movie may include dark, dreary, and generally scary lighting.

Low-key lighting is also very common in specific types of movies, such as film noir.

This type of low lighting creates dark, moody scenes and strong shadows on actors’ faces.

Check out the scene below from the film Out of the Past.

Notice the dark coloring and shadows on the actors.

Also notice how your eye is drawn to the brightest, lightest point in the shot, the beautiful face of Kathy Moffatt (played by Jane Greer).


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