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In the picture below you can see the building is pulled back from street line to allow the building to circumvent the setback provisions of the city code “as well as create its own breathing space”(Kostof,1995) The Seagram Building is the first bronze-coloured skyscraper.

The most interesting point is the structural solution of exposed structural beams above the roof, making dear the method of achieving the clear-span interior.

The huge scale of the building and the column-free open plan of the main floor of Crown hall demonstrates Mies’ innovative concept of creating universal space.

It is obvious that he relies on clarity of form achieved through elegant proportions.

Prior to this point, structure was hidden within architecture, but here we see a change.

Mies merged the two by exposing the steel, realizing his own words: “When technology reaches it true fulfilment, it transcends into architecture” This is not only seen in this project but many of his other projects in the US.(Blase,1999) Two apartment buildings at cross axis towards one another on the triangular site delivering view of surrounding area.

Another of Mies very striking projects is Federal Center.He carried the ideals of rationalism and minimalism to new levels.His work in US made use of modern materials such as steel and glass to define interior spaces.(Kostof, 1995).It is in the Minerals and Metals building we first see Mies use of rolled -steel- I beam as part of his structural grammar. This building situated on the IIT campus is a modern masterpiece. high without interior columns, used for the architectural school.Mies’ unconventional use of steel was a map to the inside of the building, and it inaugurated a technique he used again in his projects in America. The National Historic landmark described Crown hall as “A straight forward expression of construction and materiality, which allows the structure to transcent into art”. The building is raised several feet above the ground to allow light for the below grade school of Design.Additional vertical elements were also welded to the window panels, not only to stiffen the skin for installation and wind loading, but to aesthetically further enhance the vertical articulation of the building.(Blake,1960).Exterior view from the northwest Structural plan of one corner, showing the main . 860-880 Lake Shore Drive Apartments in Chicago is another of Mies’ high rise building where he implied the same style of modern architecture carried in his projects in the US.This project is “not something made by the God of Crown hall” stated by Kevin Harrington but rather Mies urges us to understand the building as part of the development of his own architectural language.This is where we first see his transition from forms that has been “dear to his heart”, seen in his work in Europe, to new forms that were “possible, necessary and significant”.Work Of Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1886-1969), a German-born architect is widely regarded as one of the pioneering masters of Modern architecture, responsible for establishing and popularizing a new architectural style in the U. Mies left Germany in 1938 to head the Armour Institute, which later became the Illinois Institute of Technology.His design of the Main Campus and of other important buildings, such as the apartment towers at 860 and 880 North Lake Shore Drive in Chicago and the Seagram Building in New York, helped set a new aesthetic standard for modern architecture. Mies created an inspiring 20th century architectural style, stated with high clarity and simplicity.


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