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Interviews are considered to be the second stage which a candidate needs to go through and pass in order to get selected or hired for a job.However, the most important factor of an interview is its one to one form of communication.So make sure that you also give some solid examples of your thoughts and various options that you considered for solving the problem.

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If it meets an obstacle it turns a half circle (180 degrees) and moves forward until it meets something else. By the end of the sequence it has pushed two yellow blocks.

Yellow blocks can be pushed, until they meet an obstacle (a red block or a wall).

One of the most important parts needed in a potential candidate for any job is the problem solving skills.

Since problems are an integral part of life and can be faced by almost anyone in every situation, it is necessary for the candidates to be able to have a good understanding of the problems as well as skills required to solve them.

Julio lives in Silver, Maria lives in Lincoln and Don lives in Nobel. If it meets a wall it turns a half circle (180 degrees) and moves forward until it meets something else.

Guests: Amy, Brad, Beth, Charles, Debbie, Emily, Frances The map shows the travel time in minutes at 7.00am on each section of road. He wants to complete his trip as quickly as possible. If it meets a red block it turns a quarter circle, anti clockwise (90 degrees) and moves forward until it meets something else.That is, in an interview, a candidate is usually seated directly across the employers and is asked questions about various things that he had claimed in his resume.It is important for both the interviewer as well as the interviewee to ask appropriate questions which will help both of them understand each other well.Employers during interview process look for candidates with specific skills.One such important skill is a problem solving skill which is very essential to impress them.As a person who is unable to work under stress and pressure is considered of not much use in a corporate situation.In a world where a person is expected to always be ready and prepared, a candidate is expected to make sure that he is in tune with himself and is able to deal with the stress as it comes along. Pepe is at Sakharov and wants to travel to Emerald.Interviews are a great and one of the surest short ways to find the best of the candidates for jobs and to know about them in detail.Many times in corporate firms, a person is expected to give results in a very stringent time frame.It is important for the firm and its employers to make sure that a candidate is able to deal with such pressures and not crack during times like these.


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