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One of the most serious is unexpected teen pregnancy. They try on their mothers’ shoes and dresses, rouge and stare at the respectable men.

One of the most serious is unexpected teen pregnancy. They try on their mothers’ shoes and dresses, rouge and stare at the respectable men.

According to US sociologists, 22% percent of pregnancies occur during the first month of sexual activity.

Girls under the age of 14 often get pregnant as a result of being raped or seduced by an adult, in most cases it is somebody from relatives or neighbors.

Meaning, many younger girls are thinking it’s “in” to have children at a younger age and in result many girls are having babies at a very young age.

In result of this, more and more girls are getting a lower education due to them dropping out of school.

The results of the sexual revolution of the 1960s are quite unpleasant – starting from that time, the number of teen pregnancies in the USA and Europe was only increasing.

At the beginning of the XXI century, through joint efforts of psychologists, doctors and teachers, the number of teenage pregnancies was reduced.As with sweeping dirt under a rug for example, the more you sweep the under the rug the more it accumulates, then the problem becomes so big it becomes unbearable to manage. and teens talk about these issues and know the facts.“Get Involved”So you think teen pregnancy is a problem? Teen pregnancy can have serious consequences for girls and guys, including decreased chances of finishing school, a rocky financial future ...The same applies with the situation regarding teen pregnancy, the sooner we educate and plan for the future, the sooner this epidemic will come to a screeching hult. teen pregnancy is becoming a major issue that needs to be resolved by increased parental awareness and sexual education. relating to pregnancy has made great advances and has created a number of ethical issues. The static’s show that more that a quarter of the pregnancies in the united states are to teen girls. If we were to address this issue as a national issue (as it is) we can stop problems before they even start. First, other than STDs teen pregnancy will cause education issues. girls to quit school and not go to collage is that 60 percent of all teen ... According to statistics, approximately 40% of senior school students at the age of 15 are sexually active and only 15% of them use contraceptives.Frequently, early birth among girls who are 14-17 years old is a consequence of ignorance and carelessness of youth.If education about this matter is spread out more and the awareness about diseases is also brought up, the numbers of teen pregnancies will drop along with it.Even though this is a very touchy matter to many, it is one that must be called to the publics attention and addressed.Although the numbers have plunged from five years ago, these numbers are still high.The National Campaign, according to PPGG (Planned Parenthood Golden Gate) made a goal to cut teen pregnancies by one third between 19.


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