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Locally-based students in the program have also taught courses for the Department of Humanities in the past as graduate teaching assistants and currently as adjunct faculty.

Persons interested in admission into the program must apply directly to Texas A&M University in College Station at Irma Cantú is the TAMIU contact for the program and may be reached at [email protected] call her at 956-326-2657.

The advisory committee is responsible for ensuring that the student’s independent contribution is sufficient to represent a thesis, dissertation, or record of study.

Students who will be involved in research involving human subjects (e.g., survey data; human tissue/cell lines, protected health information), animals (e.g., vertebrate animals, animal tissues/cell lines), and/or biosafety/biohazards (e.g., recombinant DNA/transgenic animals, plants; agents infectious to humans, animals or plants) should obtain approval through the appropriate university committee (or be included in existing research approvals) prior to engaging in the research.

BEFORE initiating a grievance, students are strongly encouraged to seek clarification and advice regarding appropriate procedures.

The Office of the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies provides Undergraduate Ombuds services to assist students, faculty, staff, and administrators with resolving academic conflicts on an informal and confidential basis.The website, , defines the types of infractions and the possible consequences. In addition to adherence to the Honor Code, a student (graduate students in particular) who is completing a thesis, record of study, dissertation, and publication may fall under the additional federal requirements promulgated by the Office of Research Integrity (Scientific Misconduct Regulations — 42 CFR part 50), as well as Texas A&M System Regulations and Texas A&M University Rules (Texas A&M System Regulations — Ethics in Research, Scholarship and Creative Work — , and Texas A&M University rules and standard administrative procedures — Responsible Conduct in Research and Scholarship — . Intellectual Property will mean, collectively, all forms of intellectual property including, but not limited to, issued patents, patentable inventions, copyrightable works, trademarks, mask works, and trade secrets.The system recognizes and affirms the traditional academic freedom of its faculty and staff to publish pedagogical, scholarly or artistic works without restriction.Authors of copyrightable works that are not owned by the system, its members, or another party such as a research sponsor, own the copyright in their works and are free to publish them, register the copyright, and receive any revenues which may result.Accordingly, copyrightable works may be owned by the student/author/creator, by multiple individuals (such as a research team or co-authors of a publication), by the System, by a System member, or by another party such as a research sponsor.Texas A&M International University, through the Department of Humanities, cooperates with Texas A&M University in College Station in the delivery of their Ph. Faculty from our college also serve, as needed, on dissertation committees. Faculty in the Department of Humanities occasionally teach courses via TTVN for the program and students in the program from the Laredo area are offered access to our university’s TTVN facilities to take courses delivered by faculty in College Station or at Texas A&M University at Kingsville, another university cooperating in the delivery of the program.Engaging in unauthorized research can result in severe penalties for non-compliance.All students are urged to complete responsible conduct of research training early in their programs to support their efforts in conducting research responsibly and ethically.Additional information, as well as online training, may be obtained from the office of Research Compliance and office of Biosafety at Specific procedures at Texas A&M University allow students to pursue a grievance for any of the problems, issues, or concerns listed in the table below.


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