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A list of tables, a list of figures, a list of symbols, a list of abbreviations, or a glossary may be used. The title is placed 2 inches from the top edge of the page in all capital letters: LIST OF TABLES. A list of tables or a list of figures is required if there are 5 to 25 entries.Lists with fewer than 5 entries or more than 25 are not recommended.If it’s a table of contents for a school event or a non-profit organization, something a little more creative and fun would do.

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Contents or Table of Contents The table of contents follows the abstract (or dedication if one is used).

The word CONTENTS (or TABLE OF CONTENTS) is placed 2 inches from the top of the page in all capital letters.

The word “Chapter” or “Appendix” is not repeated with each entry.

List of Figures / List of Tables The enumeration continues in sequence; no number appears on pages with main headings (those in all capital letters).

It does not list a frontispiece, dedication, or epigraph if these are used, nor is the table of contents listed in the table of contents; these pages are, however, counted.

The list of figures and list of tables, if used, are included (see the Table of Contents in this handbook for a sample using numbered chapters; see Figures 2.6, 2.7, and 2.8 for additional options).In the case of long titles or captions, care should be taken to make the first sentence convey the essential description of the item.The first sentence alone then can be used in the list. The table or figure number begins at the left margin.The second page is not labeled “List of Tables Continued” or “List of Figures Continued.” Individual entries are single-spaced with a double space between each entry.The table of contents of your document sets the stage for the rest of the document.If a table or figure occupies more than one page, only the initial page number is listed.If the title or caption of a table or figure appears on a part-title page preceding the table or figure, the page number in the list refers to the number of the part-title page.All chapters or titled sections and all first-level subheadings of the manuscript are listed in the table of contents.It is not necessary and, in manuscripts with numerous second- and third- level subheadings, it is not recommended to list other than first-level subheadings.(An exception to this rule occurs if the table title appears in all capital letters on the table itself; table titles in the list of tables are not typed in all capital letters.) Capitalization in lists must be consistent and must agree with what is on the actual page in the text.Either headline style (the first letter of major words capitalized) or sentence style (the first letter of the first word capitalized) can be used; however, capitalization styles may not be mixed.


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