Strategies For Math Problem Solving

This is really just a start to help you on your way.

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The idea is that you use your first incorrect guess to make an improved next guess. In relatively straightforward problems like that, it is often fairly easy to see how to improve the last guess. Children themselves take the role of things in the problem.

In some problems though, where there are more variables, it may not be clear at first which way to change the guessing.2 Act It Out We put two strategies together here because they are closely related. In the Farmyard problem, the children might take the role of the animals though it is unlikely that you would have 87 children in your class!

Thank you for your positive approach to teaching math.

I always tell my students math is easy as long as you practice the skill you just learned.

As problems get more difficult, other strategies become more important and more effective.

However, sometimes when children are completely stuck, guessing and checking will provide a useful way to start and explore a problem.It consists of a page per strategy with space provided to insert the name of any problem that you come across that uses that particular strategy (Act it out, Draw, Guess, Make a List).We have found that this kind of poster provides good revision for children. Through these links, children can see that mathematics is not only connected by skills but also by processes.As you solve more problems (and learn how other people solved them), you learn strategies and techniques that can be useful. at the University of Budapest, and was a professor at Stanford University (among other universities). This is where math becomes a creative endeavor (and where it becomes so much fun).But no single strategy works every time.effective problem solving skills. He wrote many mathematical papers along with three books, most famously, “How to Solve it.” Pólya died at the age 98 in 1985.1 This is all well and good, but how do you actually do these steps?!?! We will articulate some useful problem solving strategies, but no such list will ever be complete.Because it is such a simple strategy to use, you may have difficulty weaning some children away from guess and check.If you are not careful, they may try to use it all the time.At least as important, though, is that the student must also possess the necessary metacognitive skills to analyze the problem, select an appropriate strategy to solve that problem from an array of possible alternatives, and monitor the problem-solving process to ensure that it is carried out correctly.The following strategies combine both cognitive and metacognitive elements (Montague, 1992; Montague & Dietz, 2009).But if there are not enough children you might be able to press gang the odd teddy or two. It is an effective strategy for demonstration purposes in front of the whole class.On the other hand, it can also be cumbersome when used by groups, especially if a largish number of students is involved.


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