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Your thesis statement is the summation of your paper’s purpose. In research papers, it is intended to summarize your overall thoughts on all your research. Use the sources you’ve gathered throughout your research to support your claims.Also, be sure to use transition words or phrases to move fluidly from one thought to another. Conclusion Finally, summarize your paper, and draw your final conclusions in the conclusion of your paper.

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For the first time students find some of the steps quite difficult to undertake but once they enter into the real process of research every step leads to making the process easier.

With every step done the student will feel that they have better control over the way the research should go and the process completes in time.

It is obvious that choosing your own subject or topic will give you more opportunity to be creative and original.

It should also be kept in mind that choosing a good subject/topic for your research paper is not an easy task.

In other words, what are you getting from the material? Compare the experts’ opinions to your own, this will help you write the thesis statement (which puts forth your paper’s purpose) in the introductory paragraph. Some students think this is an “extra” step that isn’t necessarily required; however, outlining your paper will help you focus your thoughts and organize your information/analysis so that your final paper flows.

Generally, you’ll want to stick to the following format when it comes to your outline: I.Not every topic is a good one for research and new researchers might face difficulty in deciding about a topic.A topic should have several qualities to be qualified for the research.This step needs most of your practical work and you can use both primary and secondary sources to collect data.You can read lots of books, journals, and newspapers to collect data related to your topic.Choosing a good topic is a whole big discussion and needs to be well understood before you actually start looking for it.A practical topic that has been well narrowed down by the student is better than a broad and emotional topic.The only key is to follow a schedule and be regular in completing each task.The teacher sometimes assign a subject or topic to the student and asks him to do the research on it.Now, all you need to do is go back and fill in the blanks.Obviously, you don’t want to turn in a shabby first draft.


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