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It can be used to build both small, medium or large vocabulary applications.This project focused on finding out how an speech recognition engine can be implemented using HMM by referring to Korean Continuous Speech Recognition System Using Context-Dependent Phone SCHMMs FREE DOWNLOAD ABSTRACT This paper presents the Korean continuous speech recognition system using phone-based semi-continuous hidden Markov model (SCHMM, also known as a tied- mixture model) method. First, an embedded Speech Recognition System of Arabic Digits based on A Telephony Arabic Corpus FREE DOWNLOAD ABSTRACT Automatic recognition of spoken digits is one of the difficult tasks in the field of computer speech recognition.

However, HLDA relies on statistics, which Implementation of Tamil speech recognition system using neural networks FREE DOWNLOAD This paper presents a neural network approach for speech recognition in Tamil language.

In the present work the structure of a speaker-independent system for isolated word recognition, based on a neural network paradigm combined with a dynamic programming Comparative Study Of Speech recognition System using various feature extraction techniques FREE DOWNLOAD It is very important to detect the speech endpoints accurately in speech recognition.

Large vocabulary speech recognition system: SPOJUS FREE DOWNLOAD ABSTRACT In this paper, we describe Large vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition (LVCSR) system SPOJUS which has been developed in our laboratory for over 20 years and recently fully reimplemented from scratch.

SPOJUS employs a context-dependent Speech recognition for a travel reservation system FREE DOWNLOAD ABSTRACT In this paper, we present our work on speech recognition for a spoken dialog system for automatic travel reservations.

The SVMs can perform these tasks with high accuracy using a variety of acoustic Wireless Remote Control System for Household Appliances Using Speech Recognition FREE DOWNLOAD Nowadays, many kinds of wireless remote controllers for household appliances are used in daily life.

One of inconvenient operation for the visual-impaired or elderly people is the recognition of the wireless remote controllers.Based on the phonetic analysis of ten Chinese dialects, we have created a Chinese super phonetic system for the Chinese speech recognition.To exam this phonetic system and develop Recognition error handling by the speech understanding system to improve spoken dialogue systems FREE DOWNLOAD The aim of this paper is to increase the robustness of speech understanding facing the different kinds of recognition error.The Turing s probability estimation of n-grams is discussed in detail.The search strategy used in the language model is also described.These include reading aids for the blind, talking aid for the vocally handicapped and training aids Fast-track Text Processing for Real-time Text-to-speech on Mobile Devicesfree download Abstract This paper presents a fast-track text processing strategy for real-time text-to-speech (TTS) on mobile devices.Speech recognition or speech to text includes capturing and digitizing the sound waves, transformation of basic linguistic units or phonemes, constructing words from phonemes and contextually analyzing the words to ensure the correct spelling of words that sounds the same. (2015) Artificial Intelligence for Speech Recognition Based on Neural Networks. This paper deals with the analysis and optimization of a speech command recognition system (SCRS) trained on Czech telephone database Speechdat (E) for use in a selected noisy environment.The SCRS is based on hidden Markov models of context Understanding the CMU Sphinx Speech Recognition System FREE DOWNLOAD CF Liao , Department of Computer Science, National Chengchi ,ABSTRACT The Sphinx-II is a speech recognition engine developed by CMU.Many are also able to take advantage Intralingual speech-to-text-conversion in real-time: Challenges and Opportunitiesfree download Abstract Intralingual speech-to-text-conversion is a useful tool for integrating people with hearing impairments in oral communication settings, eg councelling interviews or conferences.However, the transfer of speech into written language in real time requires A real-time synchronization algorithm between Text-To-Speech (TTS) system and Robot Mouth for Social Robotic Applicationsfree download Abstract: Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) is one of the most important subfields of social robotics.


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