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From all regions of the world, this collection has been made to represent the true spirit of our culture.The underlining principles would be truth, love, mutual respect, righteousness, rectitude, divinity, priority to societal unity, etc…All people, including the old people, would enjoy reading these stories.Following the success of "EHV", a second programme was published – Social and Emotional Education ("SEE"), primarily for ages 12 to 14 but it has also proved constructive for older children identified as likely to benefit from help getting their lives 'back on track'.

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A key feature of education in Indonesia is the five principles of Pancasila.

Elementary school and middle school students from first to ninth grades will be taught the importance of life, to listen to others with different opinions, to be fair, respect their country and learn about foreign cultures.

Values education can show which morals are "bad" morals and which are "good".

The change in behavior comes from confusing questions about right and wrong.

It can be an activity that can take place in any human organisation during which people are assisted by others, who may be older, in a condition experienced to make explicit our ethics in order to assess the effectiveness of these values and associated behaviour for their own and others' long term well-being, and to reflect on and acquire other values and behaviour which they recognise as being more effective for long term well-being of self and others.

There is a difference between literacy and education. Good'value education is the aggregate of all the process by means of which a person develops abilities and other form of behavior of the positive values in the society in which he lives'.However, this definition requires research to explain what is meant by "personal and social being".Concepts that fall under this term include social and emotional learning, moral reasoning/cognitive development, life skills education, health education; violence prevention, critical thinking, ethical reasoning, and conflict resolution and mediation.American psychologist Lawrence Kohlberg who specialized in research on moral education and reasoning, and was best known for his theory of stages of moral development, believed children needed to be in an environment that allowed for open and public discussion of day-to-day conflicts and problems to develop their moral reasoning ability.This project of worldwide proportions inspired by the new religious movement called the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University incorporates twelve values (unity, peace, happiness, hope, humility, simplicity, trust, freedom, co-operation, honesty, courage, love), and has formed the basis of thekiss whole-school ethos approach in schools such as West Kidlington Primary School, Kidlington whose head master Neil Hawkes and Values education coordinators Linda Heppenstall used the work and other programmes to help them form a values-based school.Science of Living's source of inspiration is Jain Acharya Ganadhipati Shri Tulsi (1914–1997).His thoughts were further developed and expanded by Acharya Shri Mahapragya (1920–2010).Currently Muni Shri Kishan Lal Ji, under the leadership of Acharya Shri Mahashraman, is the Principal of SOL.; gives a thorough overview of values education in 26 European countries.The Australian Government currently funds Values education in its schools, with its own publications and funding of school forums on values education at all levels of education. The Indian Government currently promote Values education in its schools.The Human Values Foundation was established in 1995 to make available worldwide, a comprehensive values-themed programme for children from 4 to 12 years entitled "Education in Human Values".Its fully resourced lesson plans utilise familiar teaching techniques of discussion, story-telling, quotations, group singing, activities to reinforce learning and times of quiet reflection.


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