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The sample problem I used in this anchor chart is a SINGLE-STEP problem, and I would highly encourage you to teach this format using a single-step format, then move on later to using it for multi-step (hang tight!I will address using this format with multi-step problems soon! Now, do I recommend you use this format for every single word problem students use? However, we do at least one or two a week this way simply because of the "answer" section and how important it is for students to be able to explain their math process.

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Each card has a task on it (usually multi-step) and there are two different explanations for a solution. If you'd like to download the THIRTY pages worth of freebies featured above, please click the image below.

The students have to figure out which explanation is correct and then solve the problem. This freebie includes the two tasks mentioned above as well as anchor chart templates and printable posters.

So we're trying to figure out how many guests must have attended the party.

So let's actually define a letter to represent that. So g times 3 is also going to be the number of truffles at the party-- number of truffles total.

(I have created ten pages of varying levels, and they are FREE for you to use with your students!

Click the link at the end of the post to access the freebies.) Each page is split in half.This also encourages students to restate the question in their answer and make sure they have actually answered the question that is being asked. ** It takes my students several examples to catch on to explaining their answers in this way, but it is so, so worth it once they truly understand.Here is another student sample: First, I have them do a little sequencing sort.Students always have to begin their written answers with "To solve this problem, I..." and they always have to end it with "Therefore, I know..." Students are always very tempted to say, "To solve this problem I added 1,098 and 530.Therefore, I know the answer is 1,628 calories." Is this right? But is it the best answer and explanation they could have given? I always encourage my students to be VERY specific about what the numbers are that they are addressing when they write out their answer.So let's say that p, or let's say g, g for guests, let's say that g is equal to the number of guests at the party. So these two things need to be equal to each other. And then we say, well, 4 times 6 is going to be some number. Then we could actually set up a relation between the number of guests, the number of truffles each guest ate, and then the total number of chocolates. So the total number of chocolates at the party must have been 4 times 6. Now, what's another way of thinking about the total number of truffles at the party? There are so many ways you can let your students use them.Once we have done several of these together, I let them start working on their own with task cards and our four square format I mentioned above.Students fold the paper in half, cut across the dotted lines on the right side, and fold the right flaps under.They always start with the left side, where they read the problem, following the CUBE steps (with a special place for the Examine step, because I think it is SO important), and then they open the flaps to reveal step-by-step how to solve the problem.


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