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In a content paper, you focus on a social situation or problem, and you try to explain how it affects society.Theoretical papers, on the other hand, focus on certain theoretical concepts or ideas.The Sociology question paper lisetd below are actual papers that were given for teh civil service mains examination held by UPSC.

In a content paper, you focus on a social situation or problem, and you try to explain how it affects society.

You can consider issues related to political institutions, natural resources, education, family, deviance, and any other area of sociology.

Make sure you can support your main statement with technical, scientific, and statistical data.

Sociological thinking is a complex category: you take facts and statistical data and apply that empirical knowledge to phenomena that can hardly be measured.

For example, it’s difficult to determine how the implementation of technology in education affects the choices students make upon graduation.

This is the simplest answer to the topic dilemma: write about something that matters.

Choose a relevant topic that’s related to any society.Are you writing a content paper or a theoretical paper?You need to understand the difference between these two concepts before you start developing the content.Think about the issues you’re elaborating in the project and create a detailed questionnaire.Then, ask several people to complete it and draw your own statistical data.The topics are usually really inspiring; you get to examine different aspects of society and see how certain cultural phenomena affect the collective behavior.However, the project becomes very complex when you start revealing all layers of the issue you’re elaborating.You can even use tertiary sources that oppose your opinions, only if you can explain why those authors were wrong. It’s based on reasoning and deduction, so your professor will be impressed if he sees these skills in your research paper.One way of developing an extraordinary sociology project is by conducting your own survey.How does your survey prove the point of your research paper?Were the results anywhere near to the ones described in the sources you located?


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