Scoring Rubrics For An Essay

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Most ratings scales include between three and five levels.Some teachers use a combination of numbers and descriptive labels like "(4) Exceptional, (3) Satisfactory, etc." while other teachers simply assign numbers, percentages, letter grades or any combination of the three for each level.

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In an analytic rubric, the criteria are typically listed along the left column.

Once you have determined the broad levels you would like students to demonstrate mastery of, you will need to figure out what type of scores you will assign based on each level of mastery.

There is a clear distinction between general observations and specifics. The reader feels a strong sense of interaction with the writer and senses the person behind the words. Sentences are strong and expressive with varied structure Writer's voice may emerge strongly on occasion, then retreat behind general, vague, tentative, or abstract language. The reader is informed, but must work at remaining engaged.

Supporting details are relevant and explain the main idea. The writer shares some information, facts and experiences, but may show problems going from general observations to specifics.

" Basically, this tool that teachers and professors use to help them communicate expectations, provide focused feedback, and grade products, can be invaluable when the correct answer is not as cut and dried as Choice A on a multiple choice test.

But creating a great rubric is more than just slapping some expectations on a paper, assigning some percentage points, and calling it a day.

Stronger support and greater attention to details would strengthen this paper.

An essay rubric is a way teachers assess students' essay writing by using specific criteria to grade assignments.

Some argue that this is a simpler and more efficient way to respond to students and that students are able to benefit from the clarity and directness of in-text feedback.

of a rubric and its usage in education, in which case, you should take a peek at this article: "What is a rubric?


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