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Scientific Method Essay-9
After you have done this, you must move on to testing your hypothesis and learning from it!

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Using this information, you can make a good hypothesis, which is the next step. What you want to do is make a good educated guess on what you think will be the outcome of the experiment.

Using the information you gathered on the previous step, this shouldn't be too hard.

After 6 weeks of data collection your quantitative results (bases on numerical measurements) are as follows: Mean (average) Plant Height In Centimeters (cm) Am’t of fertilizer 0ml 15ml 30ml 45ml 60ml 0 weeks 145 150 148 151 149 6 weeks 166 180 181 179 184 Increase in Height 21 30 33 28 35 Your qualitative (descriptive) data table indicates the…

The scientific style of writing has its own rules and guidelines that often differ substantially from how we're taught to write essays in English or history.

Name _____________________________________________________________ Hour _____ Scientific Method ~ Honors The scientific method is a process that is used to test possible answers to questions about nature empirically in ways that can be duplicated of verified.

Careful observations lead to questions which are supported or refuted through experimentation and the collection of data.

Sometimes the best test of a hypothesis is not an actual experiment but pertinent observations.

Darwin’s theory of natural selections was developed in this way.

The Scientific Method is a process used to evaluate, assess, and analyze a problem or question in the field of science. It gives the proper framework for obtaining knowledge, testing it, and reporting results.

Following the sequence of the method provides success.


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