School Based Management Thesis/Dissertation

School Based Management Thesis/Dissertation-81
Barclay PDF Associations between Ethnic Identity, Academic Efficacy, Achievement Goals and School Belonging among Early Adolescents, Leah Bonilla PDF The Relationship between Chronic Health Conditions and Health Literacy, Resiliency and Support/Self-advocacy in Youth, Mercedes N.Cambric PDF Exploring the Test of Covariate Moderation Effect and the Impact of Model Misspecification in Multilevel MIMIC Models, Chunhua Cao PDF The Empirical Selection of Anchor Items Using a Multistage Approach, Brandon Craig PDF An Evaluation of IDEA Part C Interventionists’ Knowledge and Use of Evidence-Based Practices for Young Children with Challenging Behavior, Sarah Elizabeth Dickinson PDF Traumatic Brain Injury in Adolescence: The Relationship between High School Exiting and Future Productivity, Jeffrey S.

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PDF Transitions to Preschool Special Education: The Relationship of Child, Family, and Early Intervention Characteristics, Tara B.

Delach PDF Smart Start for Trauma: A Multiple Baseline Design, Sarah E.

Kauk PDF Missing Data in Complex Sample Surveys: Impact of Deletion and Imputation Treatments on Point and Interval Parameter Estimates, Anh Pham Kellermann PDF Adult College Students' Perceptions about Learning Mathematics via Developmental Mathematical x MOOCs, Pelagia Alesafis Kilgore PDF Parent-Child Interaction Therapy for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: An Analysis of Behavioral Patterns and Treatment Barriers, Kimberly A.

Knap PDF A Participatory Action Research using Photovoice to Explore Well-Being in Young Adults with Autism, Gary Yu Hin Lam PDF Behavior Change for Children Participating in Parent-Child Interaction Therapy: A Growth Curve Analysis, Kayla La Rosa PDF Eustress in Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) Students, Amanda C.

Dickinson PDF Sleep Disorders in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Pilot Study of an Assessment of Pediatric Providers' Practices and Perceptions, Kristin Lynn Edwards PDF A Longitudinal Analysis of the Effect of the Starting Right, Now Program on Unaccompanied Homeless Adolescents' Well-Being, Emily E.

Esposito PDF Case Study of a Collaborative Approach to Evaluation Within a School District Central Office, Oriana Eversole PDF Application of the Fusion Model for Cognitive Diagnostic Assessment with Non-diagnostic Algebra-Geometry Readiness Test Data, Robert H.Fay PDF PRE-SERVICE TEACHER MICRO-HEGEMONIC CONSTRUCTION OF LITERACY TEACHER IDENTITY, Brian M.Frank PDF Assessing Readiness to Seek Formal Mental Health Services: Development and Initial Validation of the Mental Health Belief Model Assessment (MHBMA), Jennifer A.Stone PDF Early Identification Of Students In Accelerated Curricula With Signs Of Academic And Emotional Risk: Working With Teachers To Identify At-Risk Students, Elizabeth D.Storey PDF Classroom Support and Students’ Subjective Well-Being: A Mixed-Methods Investigation, Emily J.Hearon PDF What You Know Counts: Why We Should Elicit Prior Probabilities from Experts to Improve Quantitative Analysis with Qualitative Knowledge in Special Education Science, Tyler Aaron Hicks PDF "Now You Know What You're Reaching For...On the Up and Up": An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of Scholar Identity Development Among Black Male Achievers, Coretta Andréa Irby PDF Parent-Child Interaction Therapy as a Treatment for ADHD in Early Childhood: A Multiple Baseline Single-Case Design, Kendall Jeffries De Loatche PDF Adolescent Females with High-Functioning ASD: Self and Mothers’ Perspectives of Their School and Social Experiences, Lindsey Land PDF Parent Predictors of Social-Emotional Strengths in Kindergartners, Kayla Nicole Larosa PDF Improving Elementary Teachers’ Well-Being through a Strengths-Based Intervention: A Multiple Baseline Single-Case Design, Mollie Marie Mccullough PDF Risk and Resiliency Factors at School Entry: Relations to Academic and Behavioral Outcomes in Early Adolescence, Krystle Kuzia Preece PDF An Empirical Comparison of the Effect of Missing Data on Type I Error and Statistical Power of the Likelihood Ratio Test for Differential Item Functioning: An Item Response Theory Approach using the Graded Response Model, Patricia Rodriguez De Gil PDF Health-Related Quality of Life and Positive Mental Health Indicators in Youth with Human Immunodeficiency Virus, Sim Yin Tan PDF A Mixed Method Study Examining Synchronous-Enhanced Learning in Distance Education, Kimberly M.They, furthermore, were not obliged to actively involve other stakeholders, such as educators, parents and learners, in school affairs.Decentralisation within education reform legislation necessitates that the role of salient stakeholders of schools be redefined to give true meaning to elements of democracy as prescribed by South African legislation.Wheeler PDF Social-Emotional Strengths and Academic Outcomes In Kindergarten Students, Bryan B.Bander PDF Relationships between Life Satisfaction, Symptoms of Inattention and Hyperactivity/Impulsivity, and Depressive Symptoms in High School Students, Lisa Paige Bateman PDF Documenting Elementary Teachers' Sustainability of Instructional Practices: A Mixed Method Case Study, Bridget Cotner PDF A National Investigation of Pre-Activity Health Screening Procedures in Fitness Facilities: Perspectives from American College of Sports Medicine Certified Health Fitness Specialists, Aaron C.


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