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This author had submitted his book proposal at the same time as I had submitted mine, and he was offered a contract about one week before I was.His response to my query stunned me: he had been offered a flat fee for his book, no royalty percentages at all!

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It certainly provided context that gave me greater appreciation for the offer I had received!

If my book doesn’t sell, he’ll end up doing better than I, but if my book can sell more than about 500 copies, I’ll do better.

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I was concerned my manuscript might be rejected because of language quality. I now feel more confident my work will be accepted and would definitely recommend your services The main reason I used Taylor & Francis Editing Services was to get one of my articles published in a prestigious scientific publication.

First, I heard back from the publisher, who runs a small imprint that is subsidiary to a larger university press.

The publisher suggested that I was getting lower rates on the e-book than industry standard (I was getting the same royalty rate for e-books I had received on my earlier contract).

(I haven’t explicitly asked my editor how many sales Routledge would consider a success, but one indication of Routledge’s expectations might be found in my contract’s paperback clause, which offered one rate for the first 2,000 copies and a higher rate for copies after that.

If they’re willing to offer more after selling 2k copies, that’s a sign of their relative satisfaction with its performance.) After exchanging e-mails with me, this author queried his editor/publisher, and he was told that his book would not be published individually, but rather would be published only as part of a larger electronic portfolio that his publisher sold as a package and that for this reason, they did not offer individual royalties.

I mostly focused on the three familiar formats—hardback, paperback, and e-book—even though it’s certainly possible that some other rights would have been worth the effort of negotiation—partial use of the work in course materials might be an area that matters to a book like mine.

(Here’s hoping my book is successful enough for these other rights to amount to anything, even if I didn’t negotiate these clauses well! The first, obvious point of comparison for this contract was my previous Routledge contract from 2009, which, for the most part offered the same numbers.


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