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He relishes the violent deeds he has done, and tells the other conspirators to "bathe our hands in Caesar's blood" (III. But Brutus does not wish to be classified as a lowly murderer, and thus starts to preach about the 'just cause' of the conspirators.

He even begins to use his beloved Rome as a scapegoat for murder, stating that he had committed violence not because he had "loved Caesar less", but that he "loved Rome more." (III. 22.) Brutus does not want the murder of Caesar to tarnish his honor, so instead he uses the 'state of the Republic' as an excuse.

Man's incessant need for control creates skewed understandings of 'justice and equality'.

Brutus and Cassius never realized that their quest for a Caesar-less Rome would in fact destroy the heart and spirit of the Republic they cherished.

According to Cassius and the conspirators, Caesar is dangerous because he wishes to be king, and that a Rome ruled by Caesar would be calamitous.

To bolster his case, Cassius cites Caesar's history of infirmities to Brutus in order to portray Caesar as a cripple unfit to rule a country like Rome.The murder of Julius Caesar plunged the Roman Republic into its death throes, while the conspirators campaigned on the side of 'justice'. 80.), but their bliss is short lived, as their acts have only started a chain reaction that will lead to the downfall of their Republic.The conspirators cry out with joy that with the fall of Caesar " Tyranny is dead! The conspirators fail to realize that their quest to liberate Rome from Caesar's iron fist is only a prelude to anarchy and chaos.With Caesar gone, the glorious Republic became unstable and fell, ironically at the ends of the men who attempted to save it.Perhaps the most tragic flaw of mankind is its ability to build up glorious civilizations, and then tear them down when the results of their efforts do not satisfy the needs of a few.Likewise, the paragraph about Antony successfully adds another dimension to the paper and explains how Caesar's assassination only results in tragedy for the conspirators.The essay could be improved by simplifying some sentences.Cassius is jealous that Caesar is physically weak yet the people revere him as a hero, while Cassius finds himself left in obscurity.According to Cassius, if Caesar were to rule Rome, the Republic would become just like its leader, weak and plagued by disability. Cassius hates the idea of a weak man like Caesar in charge of Rome's destiny, as well as having his own personal freedoms stripped away.The Roman Republic was the world's crown jewel until the selfish desires of men tarnished it with their foolish aspirations, turning the greatest civilization of ancient times into a victim of tragedy and corruption.The play reveals how man's utopian ideals are warped by selfish desires, wrecking any chance at perfection.


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