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I'm not advocating my services or those of any other resume writer.Some of you are perfectly capable of writing a great resume on your own. It helped me move my résumé from a list of what I know and daily duties to what I accomplished.Every word, every phrase, every formatting decision, every creative design and marketing principle you employ, should retain the reader's focus on this one, constant message. i tried to reply to my original thread looking for one but there is no reply button or anything, so leaving my two cents here.

The essence of a superior resume all boils down to one thing: Above all else, remember that your resume needs to be heavily focused on what you can do for your employer, and how you can do it better than the many, many other applicants competing for the same position you're applying for.

Every word, every phrase, every formatting decision, every creative design and marketing principle you employ, should retain the reader's focus on this one, constant message. Yes, I absolutely agree with "Need New Job" in Chicago.

The problem is that how do we identify someone that is really good and worth all the effort and money in generating the desired results? What do previous clients have to say about the experience? that's what I was thinking, and exactly what my writer had told me! The only one with any control over it is the Hiring Manager themselves.

Here a re few things that I believe one should look for in a professional resume writer. Do the articles communicate passion, enthusiasm and expertise? Those three things alone can help you determine if someone is worth reaching out to. Kent @ Tandem Resumes I paid $250 and no, it wasn't worth it. I paid two Pro resume writers to rewrite my resume for about $300 each but didn't get good result. Sounds like that one was just trying to get a sale :/ If you don't have enough time and really have no idea at all how to craft a good resume, then paying a professional resume writer will really help.

I do extensive interviewing with the client as well as company and job-ad research, and spend many hours developing the content, design, and formatting into a high-quality, cohesive product which is concise, well-presented, and effective.

At , that would mean I would earn .00 per hour, not a living wage.Perhaps there are resume services out there that do a great job; I don't know them so it's not my place to comment on their services.My only comment is this: I spend about 10 hours per client developing high-quality resumes that do get my clients interviews.I hired a service to help me try to bridge the gap...Get past the HR system, but deliver a résumé to the hiring manager that demonstrates my value. Yes, I absolutely agree with "Need New Job" in Chicago.I'm posting because I believe there are a lot of misconceptions out there about what a good resume really is and what hiring managers and recruiters are looking for.On average, 75% of my clients come to me with resumes which show various degrees of lack of knowledge about what an effective resume should look like.between that and reading through interview tips and stuff on these forums, i am feeling much better about finding something!ordered a resume from resumewritingservice[dot]biz their site looks kind of generic, but i've seen worse sites they have affordable prices and i really liked the resume they made i got to talk with my writer on the phone and they offer a money back guarantee So I had a resume service ( about 6 mos ago redo my resume and coverletter.I could totally figure out myself how to write one but it was just easier at that time in my life to pay somebody for the help.I seen a review on, that's how I found them.


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