Responsible Leadership Essay

A moral leader must learn different types of culture in order to decide the right decision without offending the opposition.To gain information on culture, he or she can learn the documents about organization values of a ceratin place.This consist of having a great cause to fight for and communicating with the people with accurate and not false information where every aspects have been taken into account.

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A Moral leader is aware of how their decision will impact another person’s life.

To sacrifice something is normal because it is for the greater good.

Moral Leaders take beliefs and moral as a personal matter.

Moral Leaders follow their moral rather than the organization’s value.

If a leader does not reflect, they are not a Moral Leader.

Reflection allows us to be responsible to the decisions we make.

It is quite different from Business leaders since they need to make decisions that will profit to them most.

The best leaders make their own legacy based on their values and ethics.

The character of the person could provide just what they need to become a great leader.

The main traits which could guide a leader’s moral are their beliefs, values, and decisions.


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