Research Proposal On Leadership

Research Proposal On Leadership-78
These are the visionary attributes expected today of effective leaders.

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What is clear is that successful organisational leadership relies on a combination of traits, skills, attitudes, environmental and intra-organisational conditions (Sarros & Woodman 1993).

The five main attributes or competencies required for effective leadership within an organisation are identified as follows; (1) vision and creativity; (2) setting objectives/achieving targets; (3) confident decision making; (4) team building; (5) coaching.

Visionary leaders are recognised by their energy, capacity for hard work, commitment, and risk-taking behaviour.

Their organisational abilities include the tendency to think globally and to communicate widely and unambiguously (Sarros & Woodman 1993).

Vision and creativity may be directly related to organisational innovation, however strategic thinking, direction setting, and a motivated workforce underpin the measure of the success visionary thinking produces in terms of organisational outcomes.

These relationships, while descriptive, provide a conceptual framework for coming to terms with visionary business leadership, and for further research in this area.Vision as a leadership attribute is related directly to employee commitment and work satisfaction.The logical extension of this is that satisfied and committed workers will be more productive, and in turn will assist organisational performance.The problem, of course, is in channelling the vision to achieve objectives without the interference of outside forces (Sarros & Woodman 1993).Vision consists of a number of personal as well as organisational strengths.The relationship of each attribute to organisational outcomes will now be established.Vision is a leadership attribute that always is in vogue.This research program contributes to a developmental theory of leadership.Researchers will find in this paper an innovative and sounded research program which can generate results on both the practice and development of a type of leadership we badly need.Vision, strategic thinking and innovation are terms often mentioned together.Executives believed that effective vision encourages innovation and strategic thinking, but that it also requires courage, commitment and communication to be achieved.


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