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Most of these animals are used in hope to make human life better and to progress in the world of medicine.The remaining animals are used as test dummies for products.

In the 16 century it has been recorded that early vivisectionists, scientists who perform experiments and operations on live animals, did not consider animals to be of the same lineage of us and barely cared for them.

One such scientist, Relado Colombo, was known to perform live lectures on pregnant dogs.

It is a test created by John Draize, a scientist working for the United States Food and Drug Administration.

During the test a substance of some sort will be placed in a rabbit’s eye and the rabbit will be observed in intervals.

It is terrible to imagine that some of these suffering animals were once or could pets, pets that were loved and adored and treated like family.

It breaks one’s heart to know that a family member is being treated cruelly and has to suffer for something they do not deserve.In most science classes today students will dissect animals that were caught or even bred just for the purpose to one day be cut open and discussed.Animals in laboratories are also constantly given drugs and chemicals to test out possible cures or solutions for diseases.Sometimes this test is done on animals other than rodents to obtain a more realistic comparison to larger animals that have the most similar features as humans.These animals are watched over the test period and then killed to find out the organ and body system damages.Many of these animals are bred either in the laboratory or in special companies.Others, like the primates, are captured from the wild. Licensed dealers sell animals to research companies.These animals can come from miserable places such as puppy mills.Some dealers will do pound seizures and even go as far to lure animals in from the streets with meat and sedatives.Many different tests are done on the animals in order to predict the effect it will have on humans.One test called the Draize eye test is done for eye irritancy and the effects or damage chemicals will cause in the eyes.


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