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Ultimately, it doesn’t matter which one you go with.

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Sometimes these glitches are major and result in a complete loss or they can be minor enough to only require a device restart. Your appointments, notes, and other information are at the mercy of overly emotional technology.

Digital planners are meant to be efficient, not fun or creative.

Spilled coffee, unintentionally bent pages, and everyday wear and tear can mess up the delicate pages and the information they hold.

If you carry a planner with you in your purse then you run the risk of scratched covers, weakened binding, and wrinkled pages.

Digital and paper planners can be damaged or busted in different ways.

Research Paper Planner Literature Review Conclusion Example

For paper planners, damage comes disguised as an accident.

The war between digital and paper planners is a bloody one. If you’re looking to find the right planner for you, then the very first question you need to answer is: “Digital or paper?

Maybe that’s a tad dramatic, but I take planners very seriously.

But you can spill a drink on top of a paper planner that never leaves your desk just as easily.

The small consolation is that this damage very rarely destroys the entire planner.


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