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” Peter was able to answer categorically to Him: “You are the Christ.” Yet, when Christ asked, “Who do men say that I am?” his disciples answered: “John the Baptist; but some say, Elijah; and others, one of the prophets” (Mark , 28).

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And the second reason was to express to the wider Graeco-Roman pagan world, concepts and language that were in some way comprehensible toward drawing unbelievers to the faith.

When we look at the early church, particularly as we see the beginning of the reflection on the Person of Christ, there is an attempt to answer the question that Christ himself posed to his disciples in Mark : “But who do you say that I am?

Below is the final version of my essay for course CF103 on Christology and Trinitarian Theology.

I received solid feedback after my draft submission, but also some critical additions I needed to make before this final submission. Alexander Tefft for his guidance and time in extensive feedback provided.

Of course, unrelated to heresy, there were also those Early Church Fathers who emphasised the divine nature over and above the human nature of Christ (anthropological minimalism, e.g.

the Alexandrian school of thought that emphasised the ) (Rausch, 2003: 153).

They were forced to articulate their experiences out of necessity and not for want of philosophical interest.

They had to explicitly find the words to document what they believed based on a tangible experience of Christ, as opposed to what they did not believe or which deviated from Christ’s own teachings and those of the Apostles.

The Apostles, were not only warning of a time far into the future, but in their Sitz im Leben, i.e. Thus, inconsistencies on who Christ was, even arose within the lifetime of the Apostles.

Summing up the tendencies of these early heresies, without risking oversimplification of these sects, there are those who denied Christ’s divinity and those that denied Christ’s humanity, although it was seldom that “black and white”.


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