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There's the reputation as a rigorous intellectual environment.

There's the reputation as a rigorous intellectual environment.

According to the College Board’s annual survey of colleges in 2012, 88 percent of institutions had application fees, with selective institutions (a group that includes Reed) more likely to have a fee. About 87 percent of colleges charging a fee included a fee waiver for low-income students.

In addition to eliminating the application fee, Reed also ended the requirement that students submit a graded high school essay.

For students whose family incomes were less than $30,000, the college’s average net price – tuition after aid was factored in – was $8,918.

That was less than the average net price for the same group at both the University of Oregon ($9,930) and Oregon State University ($12,633).

Since 1995, the college has refused to participate in the rankings, thereby accepting a lower ranking than it might otherwise receive.

“There are a lot of things that Reed is not willing to do to get more applicants. We’re not willing to change some of the application barriers,” Kroger said, pointing to a supplemental essay the college requires in addition to the Common Application.There are quite a few things that might make the average high school senior think twice before applying to Reed College.There's the lack of intercollegiate football and Greek organizations that many students tend to associate with college.The researchers found that the waivers – when coupled with other information about the application process and aid offered by selective institutions – had a large effect on the number of applications the students submitted.Kroger said that when he applied for college he didn’t have much money, so he put a cap on the number of applications he submitted. Reed is not the first college to try to streamline the application process to grow its applicant pool.“I’m sure we would get more if we eliminated it.” Kroger’s hope is that by eliminating the fee, the college can bring in a more diverse pool of applicants.“If a student is eligible for 0,000 in financial aid, it’s madness for them not to apply,” Kroger said.Tools like the Common Application and so-called “fast track” applications -- which don't require essays, promise quick consideration and often come with the student’s information already filled out -- have proven successful at growing college application numbers.In the past few years, Reed has seen its application pool fluctuate from 3,054 applications in 2006, to a peak of 3,485 in 2008, back down to 3,131 in 2012. More applications could make the college more selective, a prominent consideration in many popular rankings.“It’s silly when we’re talking about an education valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars that getting from someone at the beginning of the process is what we should be thinking about.” Kroger called improving access to college education the number-one issue facing higher education.Reed has focused extensively on making college more affordable for low-income student in recent years.


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