Reconstruction In Arkansas Essay

Colonel Samuel Thomas, the assistant commissioner of the Freedmen’s Bureau who opened the Bureau office in Vicksburg, noticed white Mississippians’ defiant posture when he traveled through the state months after the war.“Wherever I go—the street, the shop, the house, or the steamboat—I hear the people talk in such a way as to indicate that they are yet unable to conceive of the Negro as possessing any rights at all.” Thomas worried that whites “who are honorable in their dealings with their white neighbors will cheat a Negro without feeling a single twinge of their honor.

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It protected the civil rights of former slaves by offering them legal counsel.

Faced with limited resources and resistance from many white southerners, the Bureau failed to accomplish many of its goals.

This position, within a state where the population was 55 percent black, foreshadowed a difficult Reconstruction.

Black and white Mississippians grappled with a devastated economy and a new social structure.

Reconstruction for Mississippi’s black and white citizens was particularly intense.

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Places with the shortest, perhaps most mild, Reconstruction experience were the Upper South states of Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia, where former slaves were a minority of the population, and white citizens had refused to join the Confederacy until after the war’s first military engagement at Fort Sumter.An underground organization of colonists who protested against British policy t that I was a citizen of great Gotham." B."The pursuit of my type gave a pleasant savour of life and interest to the air I breathed." OC."The Reconstruction period is often among the most overlooked, misunderstood, and misrepresented times in our nation's history.This documentary explores the real story of Reconstruction, and how more than 150 years later the social changes that happened then are still shaping all of our lives today." Maxwell filmed for the series last summer in New York.To assist them and other southerners, the United States Congress in March 1865 established the Freedmen’s Bureau as part of the War Department. It distributed clothing, food, and fuel to freedmen and white refugees.It helped to establish many of Mississippi’s first public schools.To kill a Negro they do not deem murder.” Such men openly boasted to Thomas that blacks “will catch hell” when local whites re-acquired political control.Trying to explain this defiance, Thomas pointed to prejudices seared into white minds and hearts during the era of slavery.The same language could describe post-Civil War Reconstruction in Mississippi.Depending on your perspective, Reconstruction was the best or worst time, an age of political wisdom or foolishness, a time of heartfelt belief or profound doubt, a brilliant period of limitless possibilities or the darkest chapter of our past.


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