Reasons For The Fall Of The Roman Empire Essay

The loss of Spain meant Rome lost revenue along with the territory and administrative control, a perfect example of the interconnected causes leading to Rome's fall.

That revenue was needed to support Rome's army and Rome needed its army to keep what territory it still maintained.

R Rumora (2012) Institute for the Study of the Ancient World When the Roman Empire started, there was no such religion as Christianity: in the 1st century CE, Herod executed their founder Jesus for treasonous behavior.

It took his followers a few centuries to gain enough clout that they were able to win over imperial support.

Instead, the Roman Empire fell slowly as a result of challenges from within and without, and changing over the course of hundreds of years until its form was unrecognizable.

Because of the long process, different historians have placed an end date at many different points on a continuum.Imperial incompetence and chance could be added to the list.And still, others question the assumption behind the question and maintain that the Roman empire didn't fall so much as 4th-century mosaic in the vault of a mausoleum built under Constantine the Great for his daughter Constantina (Costanza), who died in 354 AD.This is easily the argued question about the fall of Rome.The Roman Empire lasted over a thousand years and represented a sophisticated and adaptive civilization.The schism of east and west created not just an eastern capital first in Nicomedia and then Constantinople, but also a move in the west from Rome to Milan.Rome started out as a small, hilly settlement by the Tiber River in the middle of the Italian boot, surrounded by more powerful neighbors.There is no doubt that decay—the loss of Roman control over the military and populace—affected the ability of the Roman Empire to keep its borders intact.Early issues included the crises of the Republic in the first century BCE under the emperors Sulla and Marius, as well as that of the Gracchi brothers in the second century CE.Over time, Christian church leaders became increasingly influential, eroding the emperors' powers.For example, when Bishop Ambrose threatened to withhold the sacraments, Emperor Theodosius did the penance the Bishop assigned him.


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